Qinyang Pingan Light Industry Machinery Co., LTD.

R & D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service integration

Qinyang Ping’an Light Industry Machinery Co., ltd.

The company mainly produces various high-strength fluting paper/ Kraft board paper machines, cultural paper machines (used to produce printing paper, carbonless copy paper, etc.), tissue paper machines (used to produce high-end household paper, napkins, facial tissues, etc.), various precision paper machine parts and paper pulping equipment.

Most of the components are from Europe and Japan

  • High-strength fluting paper machine.

  • Ordinary fluting paper machine.

  • Liner board machine.
  • Coated whiteboard paper machine.
  • High-speed tissue paper machine.

  • newsprint paper machine.

  • Cultural paper machine.

  • Special paper machine.
  • Spare parts.

  • Pulping lines / stock preparation equipment.