Offset print finishing

Book sewing machines


asterTOP has shattered any speed record with its 18.000 cycles/h. It is the ideal solution when the top output is a “must”. Perfect for high-performance gathering and sewing lines.

  • Speed: 18.000 cycles/h
  • Max Signature size: 320 x 230 mm
  • Automatic size change
  • In-line with gathering

asterPRO 44 / 52

asterPRO incorporates all the cutting-edge technology for automatic book sewing.
This is Meccanotecnica’s most complete book sewing machine, the flagship unit; the perfect balance between automation and precision, speed and reliability.

  • Speed: 12.000 cycles/h
  • Max Signature size: 440 x 320 | 520 x 320 mm
  • Automatic size change
  • In-line with gathering


asterEVO, automatic book sewing machine, is a compact solution that offers high performance, reliability, and several optional features to meet demanding bookbinders’ requirements.

  • Speed: 12.000 cycles/h
  • Max Signature size: 420 x 320 mm


The new asterEL, automatic book sewing machine, is the ideal solution for bookbinders willing to produce high-quality thread sewn books with moderate investment and low operating costs. asterEL offers the same basic features and high engineering quality of the other models in the aster™ range.

  • Speed: 10.000 cycles/h
  • Max Signature size: 420 x 320 mm


asterBIG is for oversize books, It handles a wide range of signature sizes and paper types. Its extreme versatility allows binders to produce various kinds of books, from small notebooks (150 x 120 mm) to large-sized artbooks (520 x 440 mm).

This fully-automatic machine is ideally suited for cost-effective production of high quality and valuable products.

  • Speed: 7.200 cycles/h
  • Max Signature size: 520 x 440 mm
  • Automatic size change

Digital Print Finishing

Double Feeding Version

Universe is also available in the “double feeding” version that features an automatic signature feeder to combine sheets from digital with offset signatures, opening new opportunities for publishers and printers.

  • Automatic folding, and book sewing machine, is the ideal solution for cost-effective short-run production.
  • Automatic size change.
  • Books, with the same format but different page count, are automatically managed thanks to smart barcode technology.
  • AUTOMATED WORKFLOW, Industry 4.0 and web connectivity.
  • Max. sheet size: 420 x 640 mm.
  • Max. signature size: 420 x 320 mm.
  • Max. effective production speed: 500 A4 sheets/min
  • The solution for high volume digital book production directly from the roll.
  • Reduce Production Costs.
  • integrates unwinding, cutting, scoring, folding, collecting and sewing processes.
  • automatic size change.
  • Web Connectivity & Industry 4.0.
  • Max. effective production speed 110 m/min.
  • Web width 200 – 520 mm.

Gathering & sewing lines

Up to 5 Gathering Unit, each gathering unit consists of 4 gathering stations, Total of 20 gathering stations

  • Automatic gathering and sewing line.
  • Uniplex is the quickest line on the market, ideally suited for any production.
  • Number of stations: from 8 to 20.
  • Mechanical gathering speed 3.600 cycles/h.
  • Max. size: up to 440 520 x320 mm.
  • Max. loading pile height: 90 mm.
  • Hand-feed station.
  • Multiplex is run by just two operators.
  • The line consists of one MX4 or MX4/52 gathering machine and up to three ASTER book sewing machines.
  • Hand-feed station.
  • Automatic loading system.
  • Number of stations: from 8 to 32.
  • Max. size: 420 / 520 x320 mm.
  • Max. mechanical gathering speed 6.000 cycles/h.
  • Max. loading pile height: 100 mm

Solutions for Book finishing

  • Max. book block size 440 x 320 mm.
  • Spine thickness 2-80 mm.
  • Max. pressing force 4.000 kg.
  • Min. book block size 150 x 100 mm.
  • The cost-effective solution for hardcover book preparation.
  • Inline processes:
  • In-feed station: to feed thread sewn books.
  • 4 tons nipping station to press the book spine.
  • End papering station to apply end-sheets.
  • BACK GLUER to apply the glue to the spine and to the sides.
  • Lining unit to apply the lining.
  • Delivery station to efficiently unload book blocks.
  • Max. mechanical speed (hardcover preparation) 1.800 books/h.
  • End-paper weight (gsm): 60-300
  • Book block finishing system.
  • The solution to integrate book sewing and nipping in one process.
  • mechanical speed: 1.800 books/h
  • Max. book block size: 520 x 320 mm.
  • Min. book block size: 150 x 100 mm.
  • Book block thickness: 2 – 80 mm.
  • Max. pressing force: 4.000 kg.
  • The automatic three-knife trimmer designed to process books.
  • manage short-runs down to one book even with flaps.
  • Compact three-knife trimmer
  • Speed: 2.400 cycles/h.
  • Max. Untrimmed book size: 480 x 320 mm.
  • Automatic size change.
  • Zero set-up time (no replaceable parts).
  • Remote service program.
  • JDF ready.
  • Web connectivity & industry 4.0.