Welcome our colleagues & Partners

Today In Sadek Group we are proud that power for integrated projects has successfully implemented and completed its target as a backbone in the way of establishing Sadek group for industrial investments.

As you know, the past years included many challenges as well as very important milestone for Sadek Group:

  • We joined the High European technology in System engineering of Paper Mills and Recycling,
  • We joined one of the famous suppliers in the corrugated board industry,
  • We joined many European Suppliers for digital and offset print finishing systems.
  • We welcomed a number of experienced engineers in our sales and technical departments.
  • we are now well established on the market as one of leading Companies in Paper and Corrugated Carton Projects as well as in Book & Print finishing Systems.

In fact, we are not traditional machine suppliers, but we are the unique solution provider in paper engineering and industry.

I would like to make a few comments about the years passed and the year Ahead.


The Board and management is pursuing a strategy to grow the business by developing our Capacity for more and Specific Suppliers and Products. Engineering Systems growth will ensure The business captures economies of scale, allowing better utilization of our existing Infrastructure.

Expanding our business also means we are not reliant on any one customer or product.

Five years ago when we first started our business, we had few products, few customers, Few suppliers and one Active department of four different departments.

Today, we supply a diverse range of products, we have customers throughout our country and regional countries, we have multiple sources of supplies, and we have four well-developed departments and Well-equipped and organized store. We have the flexibility to supply the customers different technical solutions depending on their requirements from different market sectors.

Our diversification proved its worth along the past year and this year when several of our operations influenced by the Exchange rate and the worldwide events.

Despite these events, we delivered on our customer’s expectations. Because we are now a larger and more diversified business.

The Board and management are determined to continue the development process, which started five Years ago of growing.

Environment, community, safety

I would like to make a brief mention of Sadek Group activities in relation to safety, the Environment and the communities in which we operate.

  • During the year, Sadek Group worked closely with the Environmental Standards in offices ,store and in implementing Engineering systems in Paper Recycling Projects .
  • We are also actively engaged with the local communities Especially with Bni Suef University by sharing in the worldwide day for white stick that celebrates and supports Blind People
  • In terms of safety, employee and customer safety is a critical priority. So I am very pleased

To report an improvement in our safety statistics. The health and safety of our staff, and Our partners and their employees, is an unwavering priority for us at every stage of the Project process. We continue to strive for zero accidents and incidents.

Finally, I would like to place on record my thanks to the senior executive team, Management and staff for their outstanding efforts during the past years. We have some of the Best people in the industry working at Sadek Group and their efforts will continue to place the Company in a strong position to capture the opportunities ahead.

I would also like to thank my family and board members for their support during the past years.

We have had a solid year. The outlook is positive. The conditions are favorable. And the Business well positioned to continue to prosper into the future.

I look forward to the years ahead with confidence.

Thank you.

Join hundred Of Happy Customers