Paper Drilling Machine

  • Manual with mechanical foot pedal for the descent of the drill.
  • Automatic with motor operated stand for automatic descent of the drill at adjustable speed.
  • Drilling heads up to 4 adjustable heads.
  • Suction unit for paper waste.
  • Descent regulators.
  • Adjustable drill speed.
  • Adjustable drill descent speed.
  • Automatic multiple drillings
  • Programmable thought a computer and can execute holes at close range, even 1 mm between them.
  • The computer has 100 different channels and each of them can contain 100 perforating positions.

Stapling Machines

  • Prepared to receive up to 4 heads that can be added also in a later time.
  • Can staple 1 sheet up to a maximum thickness 350 sheets (25 mm).
  • Capacity of storing up to 400 staples
  • Equipped with fixed / movable / automatic clincher as per need.
  • Equipped with movable heads up to a Minimum distance between the staples: 55 mm.
  • Can work both in flat and in saddle at the same time using the heads simultaneously.
  • Maximum saddle stapling depth: 270 mm.

Perforating/Creasing Machines

Introduce rotary, linear, manual and automatic perforating/ creasing machines. with the possibility to mount different perforating tools.

Linear models

  • working width: up to 750 mm.
  • Precision at the minimum distance: 0,1 mm. between creasing steps.
  • Controlled by 100 programmable channels computer, each of them containing 100 creasing steps.
  • Manual feeding with electric pedal.
  • Automatic feeding.

Rotary models

  • Automatic feeding.
  • working width: up to 640 mm.
  • Can perforate and crease simultaneously.
  • The manual model can work endless length sheets.
  • The automatic version can work a maximum length of 420 mm.
  • equipped with a register paper gauge and balls guide allowing sheets to be dragged perfectly on register.
  • The speed is controlled by a computer.

Laminating Machines

  • working width: 350 mm Up to 1450 mm.
  • manual / semi-automatic / automatic feeding.
  • Speed up to: 400 S/m.
  • Paper thickness Up to 650 Gsm.
  • Can laminate two sides simultaneously or just on one side according to the need.

Heating Technology

  • Oil heating.
  • Electrical heating.
  • Water heating.

Perfect Binding Machines

  • heavy duty professional hot meld perfect binding machine.
  • 1 clamp Up to 5 clamps.
  • productivity of 200 up to 4000 books/ hour.
  • manual/ automatic clamp.
  • productivity of 200 up to 15000 books/ hour
  • glue: hot melt/ PUR.
  • Side stitch.
  • Gauze.

Binding system

  • Gathering 6/8 stations / unit.
  • Perfect Binding up to 30 clamps.
  • Three knife trimmer.

Round Cornering Machines

  • single / double head.
  • Feeding: Manual with mechanical / electrical foot pedal.
  • Rounds two corners simultaneously for double head machine.
  • Max thickness: 40 mm.

Punch And Bind Machine for Books and Calendars

  • Feeding: Manual / Semi-automatic / Automatic feeding.
  • Uses wires on spools.
  • Max. binding size: up to 800 x 1000mm.
  • Min. binding size: up to 40 x 50 mm.
  • Max. punching thickness per stoke: up to 8 mm.
  • Speed up to: 3000 pieces/hour.

Sortings / Collating Machines

  • Can sort/collate papers of different sizes, materials and shapes, as well as already-folded paper.
  • Capable of sorting/collating a variety of papers in small lots.
  • Number of binds up to 25.
  • Processing speed: up to 7,800sets/hour.

Our sorting machines can also sort the following types of folded paper:

  • Half fold / 4-page.
  • Letter fold / barrel fold /tri fold.
  • 6-page accordion.
  • 8-page parallel /double parallel.

Size of paper that can be processed:

  • Post card (90mm x 107mm) up to A3 size (297mm x 420mm).