Made in Germany

Gerhard Busch EBB GmbH has taken over the entire stock of production parts and spare parts from Schneider Senator.

Busch Die-Cutting Machines

Die- cutting Technology According to Measure- with more than 50 Years’ Experience. A wide Range of models is Suitable for Every requirement.

With or without Counter Pressure – for all types of Labels, IML, Credit & customer Cards, Brochures, Playing Cards, Children Books

Busch Banding Machines

Banding with Coated Kraft Paper or PP Foile ,in tape widths ,20,30,40,50 mm.

Optional Mobile and hight adjustable large reel stand is suitable for larger quantities.

Busch Waste Conveyors

Wide Range of Conveyors with different sizes and models.

Suitable for Busch Die cutting machines, Flat bed Die cutters, saddle Stitchers, Cutters, and Three knife trimmers, guillotines with or without waste removal.

Busch Pile Hoist

  • automatic lifting and lowering of palletized cutting material
  • individually adjustable working height for increased productivity and health-friendly operation
  • optional angle stop device allows for precise stacking of the cutting material
  • platform size: 620 x 850mm / 780 x 1100mm / 840 x 1250mm / 1100 x 1550mm.

  • load: 500 kg / 1000 kg / 1500 kg.

Busch Joggers

  • For Materials Preparation ouside the Cuting Machine in Variuos Formats .
  • Sheet Counting Scale is an Optional .
  • Air removal roller with programmable pressure levels are Standard .
  • Unloading to the left or to the right .

Busch Pile Turners

Wide Range of Models & sizes

For Turning ,Airing ,dust removing ,drying , air conditioning ,jogging and alingment of card board and paper Stacks . For Sheet Formats from 280 X 320 mm Up to 1400 X 1850 mm, stack hights up to 2000 mm.